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Complaint Review: CNA National Warranty Coprporation


CNA National Warranty Coprporation does not fully honor their contracts Scottsdale Arizona


WE purchased a 2004 Ford Escape along with a 4 year/ 60,000 mle extended car warranty with CNA National Warranty from Carmax. WE took it in for covered repairs 2 times now and both times I had to pay more than the contract’s deductable to get my car back. To add insult to injury, the second time I was accused by CNA of intentionally doing damage to the vehicle and trying to claim it happened on it’s own even though the Ford dealership where it was being repaired told them it was a factory defect. I had to get the Carmax corporate office involved and threaten a lawsuit before CNA honored the repair. In the end though they still did not pay the full amount.
They come up with excuses that aren’t written in the contract such as, there were too many diagnostics performed, or they don’t pay the full amount for the part because they only pay MSRP. Those are the two excuses I had to deal with even though the Ford service manual clearly states all the dignostics performed were required for the code being given by the computer for the one repair and for the other reapir, the dealership was only charging me list price for the rear window.
According to CNA list price was more than MSRP even though Ford doesn’t use MSRP’s, but rather uses list price in their parts pricing.

So you have to ask yourself the next time you buy a car and want to purchase an extended warranty whether you’re willing to deal with constant hassles as well as pay more than the deductable that’s stated in the contract if the extended warranty is with CNA National Warranty or any of it’s affiliates.

CNA is under many names, but all seem to have CNA incorporated in to the name somewhere, so be careful when you read the fine print as to who is backing the warranty. I will not be buying a car from any dealership that sells their car warranty and I would advise anybody else to do the same. CNA National Warranty Corporation does not fully honor their contract and there are others on this site who have had similar problems with them as well.

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